Revolutionising Mining Operations: MET63’s SMART Control Centre Paves the Way for the Future of Mining.

MET63 is currently orchestrating, developing and initialising our Smart Control Centre (SMART CC). The existing new project can only be described as a ground-breaking convergence of state-of-the-art technologies.

With the invaluable expertise of our engineering teams, adapting this technology to our client’s projects, thereby optimising them, has never been easier.

The SMART CC is a fusion of advances in AI, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, quantum computing, and other technologies. Although oil and gas companies have implemented similar Smart Control Centres to manage assets worldwide, they have yet to be implemented in the mining sector, which has always been considered a manual operation.

By leveraging the expertise of our dedicated process engineering consultation and project management teams at MET63, we can optimise our clients’ projects using SMART CC technology. By analysing project data, we can provide targeted recommendations and help our clients improve their site performance. The resulting output data will help support our engineer’s recommendations and enable us to develop a tailored plan to address any issues.

With the current state of mine development and the astronomical increase in production rates starting to parallel that of oil and gas, project turnover times, studies, construction, commissioning, and processing abilities have all sped up to a point where involvement from projects like the SMART CC is becoming a necessity. MET63’s SMART CC is tailor-made for mining clients, setting us apart from similar projects. This enables our clients to get much-needed support in real time.

At MET63, we take a keen interest and go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ projects run smoothly. By involving the SMART CC, our clients can substantially increase their productivity and revenues. The possibilities for the future of mining are endless when advancing technology systems such as these are integrated.

We take into account that our clients are spread all over the world. Therefore, we designed our SMART CC with mobility in mind. The physical control room is currently being developed, where we can display our processed data to clients and project teams in state-of-the-art displays. There will be room for meetings, discussions, and workstations for engineers.

We are not limiting ourselves by confining this valuable seat of knowledge to a single location. Apart from our physical control room, the SMART CC is designed to be fully mobile: the project sites and their generated data projections can be accessed via the internet from any location. This way provides real-time views into the current inner workings of the site. Data copies will also be available to download, making offline work possible.

To launch the SMART CC, MET63 will run two in-house projects of varying complexity. We aim to collect the data onto our platform and then to a single site where our AI will be deployed. Practically instantaneously, easily interpretable data will be available so our engineers can create solutions with site optimisation in mind.

This March, we will initiate the marketing plan for the SMART CC project in conjunction with onboarding sites. MET63 crafted this project specifically for Junior & Mid-tier mining houses, who stand to gain the most from this innovative technology.

The success of SMART CC hinges entirely on the expertise and dedication of our talented employees. Their invaluable experience has been instrumental in advancing the project’s development and progress. It is essential to us that our clients view this technology as a means to achieve success.

Written by Donovan Stevenson, MET63 SMART Systems Manager

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