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MET63 is a dynamic engineering and consulting company with expertise in providing tailored engineering solutions focused on cost effectiveness and higher operational efficiency, with the ultimate goal of maximising profitability for clients.

MET63 has developed an exceptional data base for various commodities in the mining sector allowing for quicker turnaround times of Advanced Modular Process plant solutions as well as full-scale plants. The MET63 team consists of well – established design engineers with over 20 years of experience in consulting, design, projection management and execution. Furthermore, MET63 design engineers are experienced in both mechanical and process commissioning of mineral processing and hydrometallurgical circuits. A company dedicated to ensuring the customer has continued support with the operation of the process plant, MET63 engineers are readily available to assist the client with operational issues even after project handover.

MET63 has successfully completed numerous projects in the mining sector and has now become the preferred ‘go to company’ for modular process plant solutions. A fast-growing company determined to put forward technology that works utilizing the vast experience of industry know how and what works. A team of engineers with an outstanding record of designed, built and successfully commissioned process plants.

MET63, through in-depth plant audit capabilities, will undoubtedly provide an engineering solution to reduce existing operating costs and equipment footprints. A company driven to fast track the future of mining with existing solutions to resurrect previously uneconomical projects.


Our Mission is to revolutionise the mining industry with Advanced Modular Mobile Plant designs that are ‘fit for purpose’, designs for use in multiple locations, reduced equipment footprints with a skid design that is expandable and a cost-effective solution.

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To be the “Go to Company” for all Modular Process Plant solutions.

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Our engineers have extensive site work and process plant commissioning experience. This in-depth field experience, ‘hands on approach’ and engineering ‘know how’ is brought forth when designing MET63 advance modular process plants.  The MET63 team is dedicated to engineering solutions and building process plants that are both CAPEX and OPEX viable. The MET63 advanced modular process plant designs are practical and workable solutions that are easy to operate with control and operational philosophies that require minimum operator intervention. The team of experts provide on-site process and mechanical operational training both during project handover and afterwards as and when required.

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Using Technology to Add Value

We are a technology-based company focused on adding value to the mining sector by implementing innovative and cost-effective mineral processing solutions.





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