The Resin-in-Pulp (RnP) process was developed to recover dissolved metals from high volumes of low-grade residue slurry streams. The RnP process recovers metals directly from slurries by adsorbing soluble metals onto resin particles. RnP offers the opportunity to recover the valuable metals from the tailing streams of leaching operations, including Gold (Au); Copper (Cu); Cobalt (Co); Zinc (Zn) and Nickel (Ni).

During a leaching process, valuable metals are lost in the residue due to inefficient washing and/or filtration of the residue. The loss of leached metals can vary from less than one percent to more than 10%. The RnP process can recover the leached metals from the residue and return the stream to the client for further processing.


Resin-in-Pulp (RnP) technology offers the following advantages:

  • Eliminates and/or reduces the need for downstream solid-liquid separation processes
  • Offers significant capital and operating cost savings
  • Offers the potential for increased metal recovery and throughput
  • Recovers soluble metals lost in leach residue streams
  • Returns metals to the client for further processing
  • Reduces water balance constraints


The Resin-in-Pulp (RnP) technology for gold and base metals recovers metals directly from slurries. The technology works on the same principle as Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP), which is widely used for gold recovery in a process where soluble gold from the leached slurry is adsorbed (loaded) onto carbon or resin particles. The loaded adsorbent is then separated from the slurry via screening, and eluted (stripped), before the gold is recovered from the eluate solution.


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