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MET63 believes that no one plant is identical. Each different operation requires a specific set of skills and support tailored to the needs of the application.

Our aim for the operation of any plant is to assist the client to optimise throughput at the highest possible efficiency. Our combination of operational know how, technical engineering skills and extensive project management skills provides the overall competitive edge. MET63 offers clients additional value add by co-ordinating and managing laboratory/pilot scale metallurgical test studies to ensure that the fundamental design is based on representative material test data.

When evaluating the throughput potential of a metallurgical process, it is key to understand the underlying operating philosophy. The fundamental operating philosophy of any metallurgical plant should be to operate at the full potential of the main process equipment.

The theory of constraints is often overlooked during the design phase, or during changes after the design, resulting in redundant equipment driving the overall capacity of a complete metallurgical operation. Simply put: the theory of constraints states that “the throughput of any system is determined by one constraint (bottleneck).” Thus, to increase throughput, one must focus on identifying and improving the bottleneck, or constraint.


  • The MET63 team will conduct a comprehensive process plant audit to evaluate the process bottleneck and resulting operational malfunctions.
  • Detailed report outlining audit findings and solutions to optimize operation.
  • Onsite training will be provided to site engineers and maintenance team on how to operate the plant according to the recommended control philosophy
  • Simplified operational and control philosophies for reduced downtime
  • Training will be provided on routine mechanical equipment checks to prolong equipment life and reduce high wear rates.  
  • Continued support from the MET63 team, both remote and onsite.


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